Vision Quest

This year is moving forward quickly. Almost too quickly. The highlight of my year is always the sundance ceremony along with the accompanying vision quest or hanblechia. I know that there are several ways  of spelling that. If this is not your way, I hope I do not offend anyone. Please move past it.

Last year before my quest, I was out riding my bicycle and I kept coming across herds of elk crossing my path.  This happened several days in a row. I was just happy and amazed since this had never happened before. And when I say herds, I do mean herds. Big herds!

The only other time this has happened  was ages and ages ago when I lived in Colorado. I was going for a late night drive and turned a corner to find myself knee high to a giant elk.  ( I was driving a tiny 60’s volkswagon at the time.) And in front of this one were what looked like hundreds more .

Back to my bicycle ride last year, I did not connect the elk herds I saw then with anything more than a wonderful spirit visitation for the moment. However, when I went on my hanblechia, the elk spirits were my primary guides.

This year I hope not to miss these advance messages from the spirit world introducing me to my guides for the quest, and ever so gently preparing me for their messages and healing energy.


Ten commandments of shamanism continued

I was in my garden today weeding and actually getting a tan of sorts which is unusual this early in the season for this neck of the woods.  I was thinking about some of the things I wanted to say about the ten commandments of shamanism when i first posted that blog.

So often in our search to re-menber our true  self we create for ourselves a list of the qualities we think belong to that  true self,. Or perhaps we are thinking of the divine self within us and again we create a list of qualities of that divine self.  or of the divine within us. We tend to hink of joy, peace, gentleness, as qualities in alignment with that “self” and therefore qualities we should cultivate. Again, we   tend to think of anger and frustration as qualities we should not cultivate.

What so often happens is we create a list of qualities we think are attributes of the true self or the divine self and that list is created from outside sources. Rarely do we go within and ask.  In this process we tend to alienate ourselves from ourselves. We tend to bury the qualities we dislike or do not approve  of in an attempt to be the qualities we think are the best to acquire.

I can actually  bury qualities that might help us along our way but we can also alienate ourselves from ourselves and at the same time we fall into the habit of judging one quality as better or worse than another.  And if we are in judgement whether of ourselves or another we are at a very low vibration.

Anger can be a very powerful force for good.
Frustration can teach us that we need to study something more.

Peace makers can be making peace where judgement is required. so what we might think of as a “good” quality can be a very , shall I say, “ungood” , depending on the circumstances. And vice versa.

So much of our third dimension is illusory. And in our attempts to escape that we often bury ourselves deeper and deeper into  ilusion when we create a list of should and should not.

We are the moderators and co creators of our reality.

Wonders of soul retrieval

I have been having trouble posting so please forgive the two test posts.  However with the help pf a patient friend who owns a computer store we seem to have found a way to get the posts up. I do hope this works.

I had originally planned to continue the train of thought in my first blog. However today I had a soul retrieval session for a client, and the amazement of it just touched my heart.  Soul parts do leave when we experience a trauma. However who is to say what constitutes a trauma in a person’s life. I have found soul parts in myself and others that left or were drawn off at times that I would not necessarily consider traumas.

I also know we sometimes say that soul parts leave in surgery or in childbirth.  Childbirth especially is not considered a traumatic situation under most circumstances.  It is usually considered a most happy experience.  Yet it too is an event when soul parts leave.

I suppose in a way I am coming back to the first post on the ten commandments of shamanism. In its own way this goes to prove there are no commandments , or that commandments or hard and fast rules need to be avoided in this practice. the spirits are constantly teaching that things change . And that everything is so very individual to each person.

I am always in wonder at how what happens in a session is usually not what i had expected to happen. the spirits lead me into new and unexpected territory that is exactly where the person needs to go.


And when the session is over the smiles I see.  I rejoice!

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Ten commandments of Shamanism

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I know we all hear over and over tht there are no should’s and should not’s in shamanism.  It is often something we cling to and point out when people from some beliefs and paths  try to tell us what … Continue reading